use constant S_HOME => 'Home'; # Forwards to home page use constant S_ADMIN => 'Manage'; # Forwards to Management Panel use constant S_RETURN => 'Return'; # Returns to image board use constant S_POSTING => 'Posting mode: Reply'; # Prints message in red bar atop the reply screen use constant S_NAME => 'Name'; # Describes name field use constant S_EMAIL => 'Link'; # Describes e-mail field use constant S_SUBJECT => 'Subject'; # Describes subject field use constant S_SUBMIT => 'Submit'; # Describes submit button use constant S_COMMENT => 'Comment'; # Describes comment field use constant S_UPLOADFILE => 'File'; # Describes file field use constant S_NOFILE => 'No File'; # Describes file/no file checkbox use constant S_CAPTCHA => 'Verification'; # Describes captcha field use constant S_PARENT => 'Parent'; # Describes parent field on admin post page use constant S_DELPASS => 'Password'; # Describes password field use constant S_DELEXPL => '(for post and file deletion)'; # Prints explanation for password box (to the right) use constant S_SPAMTRAP => 'Leave these fields empty (spam trap): '; use constant S_THUMB => 'Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.'; # Prints instructions for viewing real source use constant S_HIDDEN => 'Thumbnail hidden, click filename for the full image.'; # Prints instructions for viewing hidden image reply use constant S_NOTHUMB => 'No
thumbnail'; # Printed when there's no thumbnail use constant S_PICNAME => 'File: '; # Prints text before upload name/link use constant S_REPLY => 'Reply'; # Prints text for reply link use constant S_OLD => 'Marked for deletion (old).'; # Prints text to be displayed before post is marked for deletion, see: retention use constant S_ABBR => '%d posts omitted. Click Reply to view.'; # Prints text to be shown when replies are hidden use constant S_ABBRIMG => '%d posts and %d images omitted. Click Reply to view.'; # Prints text to be shown when replies and images are hidden use constant S_ABBRTEXT => 'Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.'; use constant S_REPDEL => 'Delete Post '; # Prints text next to S_DELPICONLY (left) use constant S_DELPICONLY => 'File Only'; # Prints text next to checkbox for file deletion (right) use constant S_DELKEY => 'Password '; # Prints text next to password field for deletion (left) use constant S_DELETE => 'Delete'; # Defines deletion button's name use constant S_PREV => 'Previous'; # Defines previous button use constant S_FIRSTPG => 'Previous'; # Defines previous button use constant S_NEXT => 'Next'; # Defines next button use constant S_LASTPG => 'Next'; # Defines next button use constant S_WEEKDAYS => ('Sun','Mon','Tue','Wed','Thu','Fri','Sat'); # Defines abbreviated weekday names. use constant S_MANARET => 'Return'; # Returns to HTML file instead of PHP--thus no log/SQLDB update occurs use constant S_MANAMODE => 'Manager Mode'; # Prints heading on top of Manager page use constant S_MANALOGIN => 'Manager Login'; # Defines Management Panel radio button--allows the user to view the management panel (overview of all posts) use constant S_ADMINPASS => 'Admin password:'; # Prints login prompt use constant S_MANAPANEL => 'Management Panel'; # Defines Management Panel radio button--allows the user to view the management panel (overview of all posts) use constant S_MANABANS => 'Bans/Whitelist'; # Defines Bans Panel button use constant S_MANAPROXY => 'Proxy Panel'; use constant S_MANASPAM => 'Spam'; # Defines Spam Panel button use constant S_MANASQLDUMP => 'SQL Dump'; # Defines SQL dump button use constant S_MANASQLINT => 'SQL Interface'; # Defines SQL interface button use constant S_MANAPOST => 'Manager Post'; # Defines Manager Post radio button--allows the user to post using HTML code in the comment box use constant S_MANAREBUILD => 'Rebuild caches'; # use constant S_MANANUKE => 'Nuke board'; # use constant S_MANALOGOUT => 'Log out'; # use constant S_MANASAVE => 'Remember me on this computer'; # Defines Label for the login cookie checbox use constant S_MANASUB => 'Go'; # Defines name for submit button in Manager Mode use constant S_NOTAGS => 'HTML tags allowed. No formatting will be done, you must use HTML for line breaks and paragraphs.'; # Prints message on Management Board use constant S_MPDELETEIP => 'Delete all'; use constant S_MPDELETE => 'Delete'; # Defines for deletion button in Management Panel use constant S_MPARCHIVE => 'Archive'; use constant S_MPRESET => 'Reset'; # Defines name for field reset button in Management Panel use constant S_MPONLYPIC => 'File Only'; # Sets whether or not to delete only file, or entire post/thread use constant S_MPDELETEALL => 'Del all'; # use constant S_MPBAN => 'Ban'; # Sets whether or not to delete only file, or entire post/thread use constant S_MPTABLE => 'Post No.TimeSubject'. 'NameCommentIP'; # Explains names for Management Panel use constant S_IMGSPACEUSAGE => '[ Space used: %d KB ]'; # Prints space used KB by the board under Management Panel use constant S_BANTABLE => 'TypeValueCommentAction'; # Explains names for Ban Panel use constant S_BANIPLABEL => 'IP'; use constant S_BANMASKLABEL => 'Mask'; use constant S_BANCOMMENTLABEL => 'Comment'; use constant S_BANWORDLABEL => 'Word'; use constant S_BANIP => 'Ban IP'; use constant S_BANWORD => 'Ban word'; use constant S_BANWHITELIST => 'Whitelist'; use constant S_BANREMOVE => 'Remove'; use constant S_BANCOMMENT => 'Comment'; use constant S_BANTRUST => 'No captcha'; use constant S_BANTRUSTTRIP => 'Tripcode'; use constant S_PROXYTABLE => 'TypeIPExpiresDate'; # Explains names for Proxy Panel use constant S_PROXYIPLABEL => 'IP'; use constant S_PROXYTIMELABEL => 'Seconds to live'; use constant S_PROXYREMOVEBLACK => 'Remove'; use constant S_PROXYWHITELIST => 'Whitelist'; use constant S_PROXYDISABLED => 'Proxy detection is currently disabled in configuration.'; use constant S_BADIP => 'Bad IP value'; use constant S_SPAMEXPL => 'This is the list of domain names Wakaba considers to be spam.
'. 'You can find an up-to-date version here, '. 'or you can get the spam.txt file directly here.'; use constant S_SPAMSUBMIT => 'Save'; use constant S_SPAMCLEAR => 'Clear'; use constant S_SPAMRESET => 'Restore'; use constant S_SQLNUKE => 'Nuke password:'; use constant S_SQLEXECUTE => 'Execute'; use constant S_TOOBIG => 'This image is too large! Upload something smaller!'; use constant S_TOOBIGORNONE => 'Either this image is too big or there is no image at all. Yeah.'; use constant S_REPORTERR => 'Error: Cannot find reply.'; # Returns error when a reply (res) cannot be found use constant S_UPFAIL => 'Error: Upload failed.'; # Returns error for failed upload (reason: unknown?) use constant S_NOREC => 'Error: Cannot find record.'; # Returns error when record cannot be found use constant S_NOCAPTCHA => 'Error: No verification code on record - it probably timed out.'; # Returns error when there's no captcha in the database for this IP/key use constant S_BADCAPTCHA => 'Error: Wrong verification code entered.'; # Returns error when the captcha is wrong use constant S_BADFORMAT => 'Error: File format not supported.'; # Returns error when the file is not in a supported format. use constant S_STRREF => 'Error: String refused.'; # Returns error when a string is refused use constant S_UNJUST => 'Error: Unjust POST.'; # Returns error on an unjust POST - prevents floodbots or ways not using POST method? use constant S_NOPIC => 'Error: No file selected. Did you forget to click "Reply"?'; # Returns error for no file selected and override unchecked use constant S_NOTEXT => 'Error: No comment entered.'; # Returns error for no text entered in to subject/comment use constant S_TOOLONG => 'Error: Too many characters in text field.'; # Returns error for too many characters in a given field use constant S_NOTALLOWED => 'Error: Posting not allowed.'; # Returns error for non-allowed post types use constant S_UNUSUAL => 'Error: Abnormal reply.'; # Returns error for abnormal reply? (this is a mystery!) use constant S_BADHOST => 'Error: Host is banned.'; # Returns error for banned host ($badip string) use constant S_BADHOSTPROXY => 'Error: Proxy is banned for being open.'; # Returns error for banned proxy ($badip string) use constant S_RENZOKU => 'Error: Flood detected, post discarded.'; # Returns error for $sec/post spam filter use constant S_RENZOKU2 => 'Error: Flood detected, file discarded.'; # Returns error for $sec/upload spam filter use constant S_RENZOKU3 => 'Error: Flood detected.'; # Returns error for $sec/similar posts spam filter. use constant S_PROXY => 'Error: Open proxy detected.'; # Returns error for proxy detection. use constant S_DUPE => 'Error: This file has already been posted here.'; # Returns error when an md5 checksum already exists. use constant S_DUPENAME => 'Error: A file with the same name already exists.'; # Returns error when an filename already exists. use constant S_NOTHREADERR => 'Error: Thread does not exist.'; # Returns error when a non-existant thread is accessed use constant S_BADDELPASS => 'Error: Incorrect password for deletion.'; # Returns error for wrong password (when user tries to delete file) use constant S_WRONGPASS => 'Error: Management password incorrect.'; # Returns error for wrong password (when trying to access Manager modes) use constant S_VIRUS => 'Error: Possible virus-infected file.'; # Returns error for malformed files suspected of being virus-infected. use constant S_NOTWRITE => 'Error: Could not write to directory.'; # Returns error when the script cannot write to the directory, the chmod (777) is wrong use constant S_SPAM => 'Spammers are not welcome here.'; # Returns error when detecting spam use constant S_SQLCONF => 'SQL connection failure'; # Database connection failure use constant S_SQLFAIL => 'Critical SQL problem!'; # SQL Failure use constant S_REDIR => 'If the redirect didn\'t work, please choose one of the following mirrors:'; # Redir message for html in REDIR_DIR 1;