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Sup /b/. My cousin just called. She's 18, curvy (but slim) and a brunette. She's very chesty, nice, not very outgoing but very sexy. We started kinda flirting about 3 months ago.
Then, one day when I was at her house, we started kissing. First it was just an innocent little peck but then it got more and more intense, and I cupped her breasts in my hands. I pushed her back playfully and started to pull down her pants. Thats when everything started to go wrong.
Suddenly her mom walked in, and, seeing what we were doing, screamed " GET THE FUCK BACK TO " so I jumped up, pulled up my pants, and ran back to as fast as I could.
At , I can fuck my cousin whenever I want. That's why she just called, /b/. She wants me to stick it in her pooper. Only on

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