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Everyone believes Anonymous is this insane group of internet terrorists

However, I refuse to believe it nor will I ever. Why? Because it isn't fucking true.

Here is the thing. Anonymous posting was started to combat vanity but what happened was that the group as a whole became vain together. I would say even more vain because they believe their own lies and suck their own dick so much. It is true that if you tell a lie enough, you will even believe it and that is the fate that has come to Anonymous. You remove individual vanity for collective vanity. Good going faggots.

In that a lot of fun was lost. Everyone living up to a definition that was entirely counter to the original idea. That's fucked up and it WILL bite them in the ass eventually. The idea of Unidentified is a back to basics one. You are you. You are not part of a group. You are part of a community of individuals that are as diverse as the world itself. It's stupid to assume otherwise.

Anyway, we were very much on course with the idea of making Anonymous aware of their discretions and attempt to save them from themselves. Doing so requires some doing and some unusual consequences. One of which is showing Anonymous that they aren't who they believe they are. They aren't a enormous hate machine or vindicators of the unknown, they are just some people who go to a website and communicate with each other because they enjoy the community.

Your “rules” are just that. Rules that you made up as case of collective vanity. They do not apply to anything if you do not wish for them to.

We are Unidentified. We are the matured sensibility of imageboard culture. We have no want to destroy or raid, we just want to have fun with other like minded individuals. We want to talk about culture, we want to have laughs with other individuals that want to have some laughs but not at the expense of others pain.

Unidentified has never understood why Anonymous chooses to concrete everyone's idea of them as this terrible thing. It's inane at best. Someone says you are terrorists and you prove them right by taking down their site, or put their personal information online for others to harass them. Then when you are silenced, you state that your freedom of speech has been hampered. Logically it makes no sense.

We are Unidentified and you can be Unidentified to, we choose to change Anonymous by example.

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