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crosspost from iichan, nullchan, onechan, paintchan, Rollachan

Single guy by the username handle of pacifico decided to try and start a war with the *chans. He use raidchan as podium to do this one; this means the faggots in the irc channel with him lead him into doing it but aren't the real culprits.

pacifico is/was using a botnet to DDOS the more commonly known *chans along with encyclopedia dramatica and YTMND for the shit of it. 4chan, 420chan, 12chan, 99chan were taken down. ED and YTMND were relatively unaffacted and no one cares.

shit was going on in 4chan's /b/ a few hours before this started. spambots from anontalk were spamming the fuck out of threads with stuff like:
i think you have a point
i agree
op is a faggot

Around this time is when the DDOS started to happen along with unconfirmed reports that it was raidchan, and not anontalk. DDOS's were fired amonst the three (4chan, anontalk, raidchan) which is they're down.

after psyops, IRC logs and dox on pacifico and some IRC acquaintances were posted in a pastebin for anons to use. The real target in all of this has always been pacifico and this other faggot by the name of viraL.

Supposedly the DDOSing has stopped but the *chans have yet to return

Amidst all this, /b/rothers have begun searching out refugee camps across the chans, waiting for the motherchan to come back.

copypasta claiming its anontalk or raidchan are partially wrong. raidchan ENCOURAGED pacifico to do this shit. anontalk is wanted for their fucking spam. don't cross the beams.

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