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don't stop people 4chan will fall any day.
we just need to keep up the fight!no matter what the cost. for 4 years 4chan has ruled the net with an iorn fist!running down all that have stood in their way. it is time to make a stand. will you stand by idle while your fellow posters fight the good fight?will you let history pass you by?rise up!join the revelution.this is the time for change

based on all the info available to us this is the right thing to do and we still stand behind the efforts of annon to bring down the live journal of 4chan and all things four chan related.7chan,711chan and many others belive in our cause. this is no time to back not let your fellow annon down keep on fightng !
remember we are not the types to give up.
we never gave up before and we won't give up now.

I don't know if you guys have seen the shitstorm at 4chan, but apparently /v/, /n/, /k/, and /b/ (if they can get off their asses) are going to be cooking up some more rivalry and drama.
/i/ should be the single true banner.
/v/ unfortunately already has an incredibly powerful lead.
/k/ is currently in talks to become allies with /v/.
/n/ looks like the most promising opponent, but threads for it will be closed due to lack of news.
/b/ likely won't get involved until it's too late.
We need to act now, anon. While we can still mount a counter force
becase it's the right thing to do!
see you there.

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