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Ladies and Gents, it is with great pleasure that I can annouce that IMG

has officially partnered with Maruchan.

We at IMG are thrilled at the prospect of innovating the imageboard

culture. Why fight when we can help each other? Makes perfect sense.

Already we are finding that we fill in one another's gaps we are already

finding that this partnership is blooming into a new thing that really

excites us in both a social experiment and as a true attempt to innovate

imageboard culture as a whole.

We at IMG wish to prove that not all of Anonymous is about riding the

"hate machine" and more about quality entertainment.

It has been smooth running thus far. We now share a staff and soon an irc

channel. I have high expectations for the future of both boards via this


I encourage you to look at all the boards and see how easily we were able

to integrate as they provide boards that we do not. We hope that we can

expand and build on this partnership for the betterment of both our boards

as well as out culture.

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