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194631 No.385  

Hai gais. IMG here.

Look, I know the spam sucks but it works and at least we aren't using bots.

I want to give back though because you guys are right, you don't really get anything out of it.

I have created a banner exchange program strictly for imageboards so really this message is strictly for the admins. It's a 1:1 exchange and it starts rotating you in at 100 exposures on your site.

It isn't breaking rule 1 or 2 if it's just for imageboards and it will give all of us more traffic.

>> No.388  

Shut the fuck up with your spamming bullshit. GB/2 your pretentious little lonely-ass corner of the interbutts.

>> No.389  

mmm delicious unwarranted e-hate. Who shit in your breakfast?

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