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The An Hero Anthem:

Pic unrelated, lyrics below:

(Chorus 2x)
Boy don't play
cuz truth be told I wanna die today
I'll make you hurt
for all the things you say
Cuz ain't nobody play
The way I play
Don't really care
I'll die today.


Boys and girls take a seat
Lemme tell you a little tale
About me growin up
As an insecure male

Had a whole lotta dreams
And wishes as well
But livin for me
Was like living in hell

See the problem ain't mom
And the problem ain't dad
See the problem were my friends
Cuz they were real real bad

I call them my friends
Cuz I saw em everyday
But everytime we hung out
They beat me up and call me gay

I got beat in K to 6
And threats from 6 to 8
Teachers didn't know
They said I bloomed a little late

Cuz the reason they don't know
Is cuz I tattled one time
So my friends took my glasses
And broke em, left me blind

And then I had a thought
during class in 10th grade
Can't take it any more
I'll blow myself away!

And hell even better
I'll take em with me too!
I wasn't quite rational
But that was just my mood

A plan formulated
Inside my little head
I would kill myself and them
And then we'd all be dead!

The kids'll think I'm cool
And their moms and dads too.
Tomorrow's the big day
Can't wait to go to school!

Chorus (2x)


So it's up to me
I'm the god, I'm the messiah
I'm the prophet of death
I'm the one with the fire

So now that I know
What I gots to do
I know where to do it
But I don't know who.

Grabbed my yearbook
Laid down on my bed
Looked for the faces
That I circled in red

There's that emo chick there
That hung herself already
What's her name again
Sarah, Ann, or Becky?

Whatever, that's one down
And a bunch more to go!
Flip a few pages,
Huh. A whole row!

There's jock boy Charlie
With best friend Harvey
They play football
And they go to block parties

Oh yeah, and there's that one time
They pants'd me too
So now I guess they'll die
By you-know-who!

Let's see there's Sasha
And Rachel and Peter
And that quiet guy Jim
I never liked him either

They're all so popular
I just said hi!
They took one glance
at my face and said bye.

Well I guess it's goodbye,
But for you and me too!
Too bad I'll die a virgin
But still you're all screwed!

Screwed!! AHahah Get it?
That's hilarious!
They think I'm being funny
They never take me serious!

Well that's fine for me
But not for them!
Oooh I missed a couple
There's Helen and Ben.

I guess I'd better sleep
Before it gets too late
I get to die tomorrow
Oh I just can't wait!

Chorus (2x)


Alarm goes off
Seven thirty AM
It's time to get to work
Get some blood on these hands!

Pack myself a bag
Put on jeans and some shoes
And ooh, extra rounds,
I'd better take em too.

Runnin through my plan
Inside my little head
What was it? Oh yeah
Leave everybody dead!

Got my dad's shotgun
and glock from the safe
What an idiot, the combo
was 6, 7, 8.

Whatta piece of cake
This is just like Halo
Except without the aliens
And a bigger payload.

Get onto the bus
And I hope nobody notice
Not that they do
But I know what a joke is.

Like what d'you get
When a nerd gets a gun?
Bang bang, die people
(Oh my god it's him, run!)

Haha, ya gotta love it
Man this'll rock,
HOLY CRAP stop the bus
I almost missed the stop!

Hehe, hop out
Walkin to the front gate
Huh, where's everybody?
I hope I'm not late.

Maybe I am
Nope, the sun's out shining
Oh right, it's Saturday
Hahaaa, bad timing.

Get it?

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