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2105 No.505  

Maid Mary having broke the handle of her Hair Broom & hearing that Man John had a long Stick that wou'd fitt it, desir'd him to put it in for her.

My Man John had a thing that was long.
My maid Mary had a thing that was hairy.
My Man John put his thing that was Long
into my maid Mary's thing that was Hairy.
My maid Mary then stirr'd it about,
till with stirring and stirring at length it came out,
but then my Man John thrust it in once again,
and knock'd it most stoutly to make it remain;
but John with much knocking so widen'd the hole,
that his long thing slip'd out still in spight of his soul,
'till weary'd and vex'd and with knocking grown sore,
cry'd, "a Pox take the Hole for I'll knock it no more!"

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